FOOTSTEPS TO FREEDOM shows, the Prince George based charity, which supports Samuha’s work and all the work that Samuha does in their disability program in India. It is the website of SODA. The young boy depicted below is seen here with polio in 1994. Now he is one of the disability workers helping others in Samuha Samarthya’s disability program. Stories such as this are found in my book, Footsteps to Freedom, available from the above website.

Published by hilarycrowley

Hilary Crowley is an author. Her genre is mostly travel memoir. FOOTSTEPS TO FREEDOM - Tales of Therapy in rural India was published in 2019 and describes life in rural South India and follows several children with polio and other disabilities over 25 years from infancy to adulthood. Hilary is a physiotherapist with overseas development experience. She also founded a charity Samuha Overseas Development Association in Prince George, BC, Canada to support Samuha's disability program in South India.

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