Tibet Bhutan Ladakh

This new travel memoir was published in June 2021. It is available through Books & Co in Prince George BC or by email to Hilary through this website or it is available as a pdf from. Price $25.00 for paper-back, includes mailing within Canada.


Tibet Bhutan Ladakh

Hilary Crowley

HEALTH IN THE HIMALAYA takes the reader deep inside the Himalayan communities of Tibet, Bhutan and Ladakh. Stories of health interventions are interspersed with intrepid adventures of trekking, white-water rafting and travelling over 5,000 metre passes, enveloped in the spectacular Himalaya. Readers learn about Gross National Happiness, about Buddhist culture and about how people live successfully, yet simply, in harmony with nature in these harsh environments.

FOOTSTEPS TO FREEDOM shows, the Prince George based charity, which supports Samuha’s work and all the work that Samuha does in their disability program in India. It is the website of SODA. The young boy depicted below is seen here with polio in 1994. Now he is one of the disability workers helping others in Samuha Samarthya’s disability program. Stories such as this are found in my book, Footsteps to Freedom, available from the above website.

FOOTSTEPS TO FREEDOM – Tales of Therapy in Rural India.

This travel memoir is available in print at Books & Co. in Prince George, BC or by email to Hilary at or as a pdf through our charity website, Review: “I loved reading this book and was hooked from the first page. Beautifully written! A rich blend of the exotic, the new & the unexpected interwoven with the northern rural routines of home. – – – Poetic, honestTales of Therapy in Rural India and straight from the heart. —-” Judy Lett BScN, MSc, RN (retired).