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FOOTSTEPS TO FREEDOM – Tales of Therapy in Rural India

This Travel Memoir transports the reader to rural India during the height of the polio epidemic. We see rural life through the eyes of the children as we follow them over 25 years from crawling in the village to productive lives as young adults.

HEALTH IN THE HIMALAYA – Tibet Bhutan Ladakh.

This 2nd Travel Memoir shares stories of health interventions in remote Himalayan communities and offers a glimpse into these rich Himalayan cultures.

Books are available through Books & Co in Prince George, BC or as a pdf from http://www.samuha.ca or directly from the author, Hilary Crowley hcrowley@mag-net.com Footsteps to Freedom is now also available as print on demand from http://www.amazon.ca

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Tibet Bhutan Ladakh This new travel memoir was published in June 2021. It is available through Books & Co in Prince George BC or by email to Hilary through this website or it is available as a pdf from.http://www.samuha.ca Price $25.00 for paper-back, includes mailing within Canada. HEALTH IN THE HIMALAYA takes the reader deep…


http://WWW.samuha.ca shows, the Prince George based charity, which supports Samuha’s work and all the work that Samuha does in their disability program in India. It is the website of SODA. The young boy depicted below is seen here with polio in 1994. Now he is one of the disability workers helping others in Samuha Samarthya’s…

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Hilary Crowley is an author. Her genre is mostly travel memoir. In 2019 she published FOOTSTEPS TO FREEDOM – Tales of Therapy in Rural India. This book covers 25 years of experiences volunteering in a community based rehabilitation program in rural south India. Hilary is a physiotherapist based in Prince George, British Columbia. She is the founding president of Samuha Overseas Development Association, SODA, a charity that supports Samuha’s disability program in South India.

This book is available through Books & Co. in Prince George, BC or directly from Hilary at hcrowley@mag-net.com or as a pdf from www.samuha.ca This Samuha website also documents the work of Samuha with lots of photos & videos of our work.

In June 2021, Hilary Published her 2nd book: HEALTH IN THE HIMALAYA – Tibet, Bhutan, Ladakh. The author shares rich experiences of a health care provider who volunteered with medical teams in remote Himalayan communities. The stories will be enlightening for anyone contemplating travel to these areas, both armchair and adventurer travellers alike.

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